Monday, June 15, 2020


INSULTS: I found the following several years ago!
Its a list of insults collected on Internet newsgroups, and it is brilliant!

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I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a monster, an ogre, a malformity. I barf at the very thought of you. You have all the appeal of a paper cut. Lepers avoid you. You are vile, worthless, less than nothing. You are a weed, a fungus, a stinking snotrag, the dregs of this earth. You are a technicolor yawn. And did I mention that you smell?

You are a squeaking rat, a mistake of nature, and a heavy-metal bagpipe player. You were not born. You were hatched into an unwilling world that rejects the likes of you. You didn't crawl out of a normal egg, either, but rather a mutant maggot egg rejected by an evil scientist as being below his low standards. Your alleged parents abandoned their bastard whelp at birth and then died of shame in recognition of what they had done to an unsuspecting world. They were a bit late!!

Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting to impress me with your insights. The evidence that you are a nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it ever so much more rapidly. If cluelessness were crude oil, your scalp would be crawling with caribou.

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I hope this helps...




Thursday, April 9, 2020

Iarnrod Eireann - Irish Rail are carrying out Engineering Works

Iarnrod Eireann - Irish Rail are carrying out Engineering Works on the Railway line between Longford and Sligo. There will be service disruptions will start later Today - Thursday 9th April for this weekend. Service disruptions and timetables are available on their website

Friday 10th  April
06:55 Connolly to Sligo is cancelled
09:05 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 11:50 to Sligo 
11:00 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 13:50hrs to Sligo 
15:00 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle , second train from Boyle at 17:50hrs to Sligo 
19:15 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle , second train from Boyle at 22:15hrs to Sligo 
05:40 Sligo to Connolly is cancelled
06:40 Sligo to Connolly  will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 08:20hrs from Longford to Connolly 
11:05 Sligo to Connolly  will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 12:50hrs from Longford to Connolly 
15:05 Sligo to Connolly  will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 17:00hrs from Longford to Connolly 
19:00 Sligo to Connolly  will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 21:20hrs from Longford to Connolly
Saturday 11th April
09:00 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 11:50hrs to Sligo
13:00 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 15:50hrs to Sligo
19:15 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 22:50hrs to Sligo
09:05 Sligo to Connolly will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 10:55hrs from Longford to Connolly 
13:05 Sligo to Connolly will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 15:00hrs from Longford to Connolly
19:05 Sligo to Connolly will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 21:20hrs from Longford to Connolly
Sunday 12th April
09:00 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 11:50hrs to Sligo 
13:00 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 15:50hrs to Sligo 
19:15 Connolly to Sligo will operate to Longford only, bus transfers from Longford to Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle, second train from Boyle at 22:15hrs to Sligo 
09:05 Sligo to Connolly will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 10:55hrs from Longford to Connolly 
13:05 Sligo to Connolly will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 15:00hrs from Longford to Connolly 
19:05 Sligo to Connolly will operate to Boyle only, bus transfers from Boyle to Carrick-on-Shannon, Dromod and Longford, second train at 21:20hrs from Longford to Connolly 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tidy Towns Competition 2019
Adjudication Report

Centre:     Boyle - Mainstir na Búille

County:     Roscommon

Ref:     290

Mark:     294

Category:    D

Date(s):     29/06/2019

Maximum Mark

Mark Awarded 2018

Mark Awarded 2019

Community – Your Planning and Involvement



Streetscape & Public Places
Green Spaces and Landscaping
Nature and Biodiversity in your Locality
Sustainability – Doing more with less
Tidiness and Litter Control
Residential Streets & Housing Areas
Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes

Community – Your Planning and Involvement

Thank you very kindly for your entry form and the accompanying map and the adjudicator was very pleased to be back in the historic and heritage town of Boyle as it has been some time since he last visited.
You seem to have added to your committee number since last year and this positive as a Town the stature of Boyle needs a strong and proactive Tidy Towns Committee.
Hopefully you will be able to add to this number over the coming years.
A volunteer core of up to 30 is quite an impressive number of people to be able to call upon to do practical tasks. You have strong links with Roscommom County Council, other relevant agencies and most importantly the Town Team of Boyle who probably act in a similar capacity as a Chamber of Commerce.
The methods of communication are varied and relevant to your needs and one notes that you use Boyle Today as a social media platform.
This has a good up-to-date presence online.
What’s App is also a good mechanism to get your message out to the volunteer group and it saves time and cost provided potential recipients are on the said medium.
Last year’s report referred to the fact that you were in the throes of forming a Junior Tidy Towns Committee. What’s the up-to-date position on that one?
The adjudicator would reiterate what was stated in last year’s report in relation to the preparation of a 2/3 year work plan.
A work plan gives a committee focus and deadlines to work to; it doesn’t have to be elaborate just something that one can measure your work progress over a period of time.
20 years entering the competition is an achievement in its own right so well done on this.

Streetscape & Public Places 

The Regeneration Plan for Boyle has been well publicised and it’s wonderful to see that this historic town will be subject to a raft of positive changes as part of this regeneration.
This programme is being driven by the Boyle Town Team and the adjudicator is wondering what input has the Tidy Towns Committee in the process.
Your links with Boyle Town Team need to be explained in more detail for next year’s competition.
During the adjudication day the old Royal Hotel, which was required by Roscommon County Council for a €100k, looked as if it was up for sale again as a for sale sign was posted up on the Gable end wall!
Local knowledge has it that it will not be retained as a hotel and that it was originally built on a flood plain. Rather confusing to say the least.

The following are a number of other observations made by the adjudicator that appealed for a number of reasons and that were commented upon in line with the adjudication guidelines.
Much activity was taking place at the GAA Grounds on Abbeytown Road as the All Ireland Feile U 14 Football Finals were taking place.
This area of the town was very well presented and of course has Boyle Abbey as the towns main historical focal points.
St Josephs RC Church and expansive parking area and grounds were presented in exemplary fashion
It looks as if the existing Bell Tower, mentioned in last year's report, is due to be replaced by a new judging from the planning notice that was recently put in place
Schools in this area were also well looked after but the parking area at the Rehab premises was a little rough and would benefit from a bit of basic re surfacing.
The memorial and information panel for Stewarts Diesel Engine at the exit for Tubbercurry is an interesting historical artefact and it has a nice planting arrangement to add effect.
Sean Carty Car Sales Premises nearby is a good example of a tidy and well run establishment, well done to the owners for the manner in which they have presented their premises.
St. Patrick Street has a number of what seems to be unoccupied premises that could fall into a further state of affairs if not addressed.
One assumes that the Committee is aware of problem that bedevils most towns and villages. Maybe consultation with the Town Team on the matter is the first step on this one.
Not easily solved and in most cases outside the remit of any voluntary group.
The following is a cross section of shop fronts that engaged the adjudicator for one reason or another:
James Clarke a licensed premises and restaurant synonymous with Boyle and on the aforementioned St. Patrick Street was very well presented.
The Spool Factory a modern co working hub of substance fits very well with the existing built infrastructure. McDonagh’s on Bridge Street has a very fine shop front, simple in design but very appealing.
Wynnes Bar on Main Street was festooned with Rossies bunting and flags.
Brogan’s Pharmacy, Boles, Boyle Country Meats and the very impressive W J Sloan Hardware all deserve mention for the manner they have presented their business premises.
The Crescent area of the town which is the hub of activity has an array of well appointed shops, cafes and bars that were very well presented also.
The adjudicator visited the King House and embraced its history and to finish off the visit had a very nice relaxing coffee at the excellent cafe on the grounds.
The adjudicator also noted the house where actress Maureen O Sullivan was born and McNamara’s nearby has an interesting history as it was originally old RIC Barracks.
The road surfaces, footpaths and street lighting were in the main in good condition and the skyline is clear of unsightly telephone wires which one assumes were all put underground over time.
Overall the standard under the guidelines of the competition was very good and merits an increase in marks.

Green Spaces an Landscaping 

The planting arrangement that included an abundance of lavender at the Stewart Diesel Engine was well maintained.
The information panel giving a history of the Stewart Family and its association with the diesel engine added to the attractiveness of that corner area.
The Crescent has an abundance of colour with the combination petunias and begonias amongst others seen at their very best on the day in question.
It was good to note that you use replaceable pots to ensure all year round effectiveness.
The Shilling Hill Roses were admired by the adjudicator when he visited the Abbey Town area of Boyle.
The hanging baskets that you mention were noted as one traversed both the centre and the immediate side streets. Many businesses have taken it upon themselves to provide additional window boxes and this added to the colour that emblazoned the town on what was a very fine summers day with an odd shower thrown in for good measure. The entreaties or entrances to the town will commented upon in the last category.
The adjudicator did notice that one or two shrub beds were either struggling or a little overpopulated with shrubs that need to be thinned back.
One would concur with last year’s adjudicator in that it would benefit the town if the Committee could set the wheels in motion to find a suitable location to have its own poly tunnel.
Could you meet with the Town Team to discuss the idea and maybe get both the scouts and the Men’s Shed involved as well.
While on the subject the Men’s Shed Group could also be asked if they would consider making suitable timber tree boxes and planters.
You might consider these options as part of a mini planting plan that this adjudicator thinks is needed for the town. Overall the standard was good but there is more potential to be realised in this category.

Nature and Biodiversity in your Locality /

Well done on taking the initiative to set up a sub group in this category and we look forward to seeing developments in the coming year.
You have mentioned a few areas that you will concentrate on when your group has put together a plan of action. You’re very lucky to have a myriad of wildlife habitats available to you and during his walkabout the adjudicator took in a number of these.
The number one wildlife attribute that you have is the wonderful Boyle River.
The adjudicator had stopped at Knockvicar Bridge to view the river in all its splendour.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Mercosur deal catastrophic for farming sector in North West – Mac Sharry

Fianna Fáil TD for Sligo-Leitrim, Marc Mac Sharry, has said the government should oppose any ratification of the Mercosur deal as it would be catastrophic for farmers in the North West.

Deputy Mac Sharry commented, “This deal has taken almost 20 years to negotiate and Irish farmers have opposed the proposals in it every step of the way. Now, the government should listen to farming concerns and oppose any ratification of the Mercosur deal as the full impact of Brexit has not yet emerged. 

“This deal will see 99,000 tonnes of South American beef allowed into the European market every year destroying opportunity for Irish beef farmers.  

“This deal will also have a detrimental impact on the environment.  It seems ironic that on the one hand the government and the EU talks about reducing our carbon footprint to mitigate climate change, while on the other they have no issue with flying South American beef thousands of kilometres into Europe.

“Minister Creed knows that this is a bad deal for Ireland.  The government have repeatedly let down farming communities across Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, and Donegal. It would be reckless to ratify this deal, even more so as the uncertainty of Brexit looms over the Agri-sector in Ireland. 

“This is an exceptionally volatile period and I believe the EU should not take any decisions on this deal until the full post-Brexit scenario is known”, concluded Deputy Mac Sharry. 

Mercosur beef imports will damage our climate as well as farming - Naughten

The agreement by the EU to allow for the importation of 100,000 tonnes of beef from South America through the Mercosur trade agreement “not only undermines the livelihoods of farmers but is also damaging to our climate”, warns Denis Naughten TD.
“The EU already produces enough beef to meet its needs and beef production in the EU is four times more carbon efficient than Brazilian beef imports,” stated Denis Naughten.
“It is also important to point out that 70% of the deforestation of the Amazon - the lungs of our planet - is to provide land for cattle ranches and now the EU wants to reward this practice in this new trade deal.
“Some 11% of the greenhouse gas emissions involved in food production are directly linked to food transportation. Surely, it makes far more sense to bring beef from Dublin to Brussels, a distance of 961 km, than 11,000 km from Buenos Aires to Brussels?
“The EU & its Member States cannot accept a situation where trade agreements lead to an overall increase in global emissions, by shutting down production in Europe and pushing up emissions in other parts of the world.
“Bizarrely there is an acceptance at EU level that we must give special treatment to certain industries with high carbon emissions, in order to keep them in a much regulated Europe, rather than a free-for-all outside our borders.
“We now need to do the same on trade where there must be a level playing field on carbon efficiency when it comes to beef production,” concluded Denis Naughten.
Contact: 086 170 8800

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cancer survivors unite for Run Walk N Roll

Cancer survivors unite for Run Walk N Roll
 The 23rd annual Run Walk N Roll returns to St. Joseph’s Hall, Boyle at 3pm on Sunday 21 October.
 The 5.4km event has raised over €165,000 for cancer research over the past 22 years and this year's theme is 'We Won't Give Up Until Cancer Does'.
 The Run Walk N Roll is open to runners and walkers of all abilities, with cancer survivors from all generations taking part in the event through the streets of Boyle.
 Local cancer survivor Pearl Anderson  has been taking part in the walk since it began as the Terry Fox Run back in the 1990s. But the event has taken on special significance for her after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.
 The cancer, which affects over 3,100 women in Ireland each year, was detected following a mammogram, after which Pearl was sent for a biopsy, swiftly followed by surgery. She had to make the journey from Roscommon to Dublin by train for treatment, but says she is “very conscious” of how well she was looked after there.
 Following her successful treatment, Pearl continues to take part in Run Walk N Roll each year. Having spent time sitting in chemotherapy units and in waiting rooms awaiting test results, she feels it is wonderful to be able to get out and take part in the walk, “rather than sitting in that room not knowing what you’re going to be told”. “It’s great to be able to do it,” she says.
 And the Run Walk N Roll supports cancer research, something Pearl is passionate about. She recalls the words of her oncologist 17 years ago, “It will help you, but it will also help others.”

Community of support
 Another local cancer survivor, Michael Reynolds from The Bazaar café on Bridge Street, is taking part in the Run Walk N Roll for the first time this year, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016.
 The Run Walk N Roll is a great example for anyone who might be going through difficult times, he says. “It’s only 2 years since I was diagnosed and whenever I see an event like this… it reminds me that there is a community of support there that can help you out in difficult times.”
 Over 40,000 people receive a cancer diagnosis in Ireland each year and the Run Walk N Roll is an important opportunity to raise cancer awareness. Michael has been speaking out about his experience with breast cancer, which affects a small number of Irish men each year.
 “It lifts your heart when someone stops you and says, ‘I heard your story and I checked myself, or I told someone else to get themselves checked.’ If one person can do that for someone else then everything is worth it, because you don’t know when you’ll make a difference,” he says.

Trying to help others
Run Walk N Roll organiser Damian Regan says the event is one that young and old can take part in together because, unfortunately, both  generations can be affected by cancer.
 Damian’s youngest brother was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just 3 years old in the early  1980s. Damian spent time in hospitals in Dublin and Galway while his brother underwent treatment, and has never forgotten the other young children he met there. “I often wonder how they are now,” he says. “That impacted on me.” His wife also lost her brother to leukaemia at a young age so they both had experienced cancer at a young age in their lives.
 Damian’s brother made a full recovery but it sparked an interest in cancer research for Damian and he organised Boyle’s first Terry Fox Run in 1995. Terry Fox was a young Canadian forced to have his leg amputated following a cancer diagnosis. But the 22-year-old was determined to walk across Canada to raise funds for cancer research and ultimately walked over 5,000km before passing away in 1981. Since then, Terry Fox Run events have raised over €650million for cancer research across the world.
 Terry’s legacy inspired Damian, “His determination in his own illness, in trying to help others”, and he stresses the importance of research for cancer patients. While more people are being diagnosed with cancer, thanks to research breakthroughs cancer survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years.
 With support from his wife, daughters and the  local community, Damian’s Run Walk N Roll is approaching its 25th anniversary in 2020. This year’s event on the 21st of October is in aid of the Irish Cancer Society and all funds raised go to cancer research. Entry is on the day and refreshments will be served afterwards. For more information and sponsorship cards, contact Damian Regan on 086-3942388 or see Run Walk N Roll on Facebook.
Best wishes to Michael and Aideen in the Bazaar coffee shop who are holding a coffee day in aid of Breast Cancer "Cups against Cancer" in their cafe which will take place on Friday the 26th of October. Please come along and support them.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Penalties Decide Cup Classic

Penalties Decide Cup Classic
Connacht Cup U-14 First Round
Boyle Celtic 5
Yeats United 5
Yeats win 5-4 on Penalties.
By Ronan Flanagan

Boyle Celtic U-14’s exited the Connacht Cup at the First-Round stage following a defeat on penalties to Yeats United on Saturday morning.
The away side made an ideal start as a deep cross was headed in. One became two a matter of minutes later as another header from a cross found the back of the net.
‘Celtic were awarded a penalty on thirteen as Jude Richardson was fouled in the box after darting down the wing. Cian Carty tucked away the resulting spot kick.
Brendan Kennedy levelled the contest as he lifted the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper on twenty minutes.
The goals kept coming. Yeats regained their lead before Cathal McKeon found the net from outside the box. The Sligo town-based side scored their forth, following a tap in from close range. Half Time: Boyle Celtic 3, Yeats United 4.
Both sides threatened to score at the beginning of the second half, however, both goalkeepers, in particular ‘Celtic netminder Shane O’ Dowd dealt with everything thrown at them.
Boyle’s patience was rewarded after an hour as Tommy Walsh fired home. Walsh got his second and Boyle’s fifth with nine minutes remaining. The cup tie was not over as it became five apiece right before the end.
Full Time: Boyle Celtic 5, Yeats United 5.
There was nothing of note in extra time which resulted in a penalty shootout of which Yeats United came out on top: 5-4.
Boyle Team: S. O’ Dowd, L. Callaghan, D. Butler, M. Carroll, F. Martin- Nolan, C. McKeon, C. Carty, B. Kennedy, R. Newell, J. Richardson, T. Walsh, G. Murray.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Slick Celtic hit Shiven for Six

Slick Celtic hit Shiven for Six

Roscommon & District Soccer League Premier Division
Boyle Celtic 6
Shiven Rovers 1

(By Ronan Flanagan)

Boyle Celtic made it two wins out of two in the Roscommon & District Soccer League Premier Division with a resounding six goals to one victory over Shiven Rovers at Celtic Park on Friday evening.
After a scrappy opening, the home side broke the deadlock. Danny Brown slipped through Mick Corrigan, to fire pass the keeper.
‘Celtic doubled their lead soon after, as a defensive mix up in the Shiven defence, ended up in the back of the net.
Goals three and four were scored in quick succession. First, Aaron Calpin finished a brilliant team goal. A matter of minutes later, Shane Battles ran from his own half and set up Corrigan, who netted for the second time.
The away side scored a consolation after thirty-five minutes as a mix-up in the Boyle defence resulted in the ball finding the back of the net.
Aaron O’Connor’s side reacted perfectly, restoring the four-goal margin within a matter of minutes, as Shane Battles added his name to the scoresheet.
The second half was a quiet affair, with the main highlight substitute Niall O’ Donoghue’s thumping finish to put the result beyond doubt.
Boyle Celtic Team: C. Casey, D. Carlos, J. Connolly, L. Conboy, C. Brennan, D. Hughes, S. Battles, D. Brown, A. Calpin, L. McKillen, M. Corrigan.
With: C. Tivnan for Carlos (Half Time), N. O’ Donoghue for Calpin (Half Time), L. Roddy for McKillen (53 mins), M. O’ Connor for Hughes (63 mins), G. McDermottroe and J. Bolger.

*A special presentation was made to Aughanagh U13’s Futsal Community Games Team in recognition of their brilliant achievement of becoming All Ireland Champions prior to kick off. Six of the eight players play for Boyle Celtic’s underage teams and a presentation was made to all eight players. Congratulations to all involved.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Boyle Arts Festival Committee says Thank You.

Boyle Arts Festival 2018 was perhaps the most memorable and successful to date and the Boyle Arts Festival Committee would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all who helped make it possible.
Once again, we received tremendous support from the people of Boyle - in terms of sponsorship, attendance of events, provision of venues, premises, voluntary help and of course that wonderful hospitality that welcomed the considerable numbers of visitors to the town. The Arts Festival is a serious undertaking for a voluntary committee of eight - this year’s Festival featured ten separate art exhibitions, seven workshops and 48 performance events, many of them sold-out in advance - spread over ten days! We would like to pay tribute to those who continue to support us in so many ways, year after year and without whom; we would undoubtedly have no Boyle Arts Festival.
In addition to our local sponsors, who we encourage everybody to support, we must also acknowledge the support of the The Arts Council, Forás Éireann, Fáilte Ireland and Roscommon County Council.
Publicity is vital to any Festival and we would like to thank all the local websites, regional and national newspapers and radio stations for the publicity and good will afforded to us, both before and during the Festival.
We are deeply indebted to all of our local volunteers and helpers, who gave so freely of their time by helping at the ‘door’ during events, collecting and hanging artwork, assisting in the ticket office, distributing posters and programmes, assisting at the exhibitions and events, directing traffic, making vacant premises available for exhibition space and indeed helping out in any way. 
We must also extend a special word of thanks to Benny Morgan for volunteering to photograph every one of our events and allowing us to use his photos.

A special thank you also to those in King House, the Church of Ireland, Boyle Abbey, St. Joseph’s Hall, Abbey Community College, Boyle Parochial School, Boyle Family Resource Centre, Daly’s Storehouse, Clarke’s Bar, The Open Table, Mattimoe’s, Dodd’s, Patrick’s Well, Druminilra Farm Kitchen, The Pleasure Grounds, and The Spool Factory for allowing us to use their venues. We must also extend thanks to Perpetua McGee of ‘Marians’ for providing her premises as our Festival office and to Thomas Gallagher and Mick O’Dowd for providing storage facilities. 
Thanks also to Boyle Musical Society for assisting with additional lighting and to Ciaran O’Connor of Trojan IT, for projection facilities. We are also grateful to Bank of Ireland Boyle and Boyle GAA, for making their car parks available to us during events and to An Garda Síochána for their assistance with parking.

We must extend sincere gratitude to all those who travelled from near and far, to attend all of the events, exhibitions and workshops at Boyle Arts Festival 2018. Once again, we have been overwhelmed at the support we received, especially from the people of Boyle who turned out in greater numbers than ever. Almost every event had capacity audiences and several were even sold out in advance! We are truly grateful to the local and wider community, for all their support.
And finally, we would also like to thank all the visual artists, performers and contributors who took part in BAF 2018 and especially all the local artists, who once again made this year’s Festival so special. Without them, Boyle Arts Festival would be incomplete and it is heart-warming to think that there is so much great talent on our doorstep!
Plans are already underway for next year’s Boyle Arts Festival, which will run from July 18th to 27th 2019 and as this will be our 30th Anniversary, we are hoping to make it another fantastic and memorable experience - so why not put those dates in your diary now! 
For more information please go to or follow us of Facebook and Twitter.

The Boyle Arts Festival Committee.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tony Conboy special

Roscommon Intermediate Ladies v Meath in All-Ireland Semi-Final on Sat. the 25th.  
I have been reading and hearing about Roscommon Intermediate ladies thrilling victory over Laois last week-end in Moate. Apparently it was heart-stopping stuff. Team manager Michael Finneran (former Roscommon senior football midfielder) is quoted in the Roscommon People as follows “That was an unbelievable game. I don’t think I have ever been involved in a game like it. My nerves are shot at the moment. It’s hard to describe what happened out there”. Those sentiments have been re-echoed in the local sports pages accounts and by those lucky enough to have been present. I must admit I have not been at many ladies football games down the years though I remember being at an  under-age one in Nenagh, Roscommon v Waterford, perhaps four or five years ago.  One of the many stars of the team is Boyle’s Roisin Wynne daughter of Anne and Gary. The team now faces Meath in the All-Ireland Semi-Final in Hyde Park on Saturday the 25th at 1. So this is a real opportunity to see and support the team and I imagine many more Roscommon supporters will have been alerted by last week-end’s heroics and result and wish to be there on the 25th. So put it in your diary for that week-end.

‘A Skull in Connemara’ Boyle Connection
From heroics on the sporting field I move to a very different stage that being the stage of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.  Decadent Theatre Company from Galway is presenting Martin McDonagh’s (3 Billboards and all that) middle- of three- play ‘A Skull in Connemara’ is in the Olympia until Saturday September 1st.   The lead actor is Pat Shortt and the Boyle connection is Jarlath Tivnan. • • • •While Pat Shortt may be one of the country’s finest and unsung actors (see The Garage) the tremendously energetic performance of Jarlath has been exciting the attention of the critics. 
While praising Pat Shortt’s restrained performance the theatre critic of The Irish Times,  continues  with; “However, it is Tivnan who steals the show with his explosive energy as Martin, swinging between baffled simplicity and psychopathy as he drives the plot on. Scene Three, in which he and Mick smash the skulls of the recently exhumed, is performed with an irreverent joy that you will, surely, never see anywhere else again”. 
•So if you are from Boyle or its surrounds and live in the capital a visit to this production is worthy of consideration and maybe mention it here and there!

Heritage Week Walking Tour of  Boyle Thursday 23rd at 7. 
During the highly successful Arts Week I enjoyed taking two groups on a walking tour of Boyle. As part of Heritage Week I will be doing a similar ‘tour’ which is being promoted by Una Bhan. It takes place on Thursday the 23rd of the coming week starting at King House at 7. It is very surprising all the material that one can reference doing those trips. One continues to learn in this process so it will take a good while to reach the finished article. 
P.S. One of the locations I visit is the Plunkett Home area. This was where Boyle Workhouse once stood. I am surprised that no frontal photograph of The Workhouse has emerged apart from a picture taken by Mary Fallon of a portion of the building as it was being demolished. If anyone comes up with one a number of people would be very pleased to see it.        

Maureen O’Sullivan Remembered …Film from Videos  of Her 1988 Return to Boyle. 
This month is the 30th Anniversary of the return of Maureen O’Sullivan to her native town of Boyle on August 7th/8th 1988. It was a really great event and still resonates. Her trip was extensively recorded on video by Donal Farrell and Michael Beirne for the visit’s Organising Committee. Brendan McGee is currently editing a film of Maureen’s visit from those videos. The quality is not perfect but pretty good. There will be a showing of this documentary covering the visit on Tuesday evening, August 28th, at 7.30 in the upper auditorium in King House.  It will run for the considerable length of nearly 1 and a half hours. A section of the ‘film’ (I’ll call it for convenience sake) will cover a concert in The Royal Hotel on the Sunday evening of her visit in which many of the best of Boyle entertainers participated. The star of course was Maureen herself but the people of Boyle were outstanding ‘extras’ over that memorable week-end. Many of you will pop up in this ‘film’.