Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Endorsement for Feelystone

Jim McGrath wrote: "We are delighted with the endorsement I got from Aideen after we finished putting in her new granite countertop."

Aideen wrote: "When we decided to extend and revamp our kitchen we had no real idea of the stress involved. We understood the naturally accompanying stress of the disruption to our lives; the constant decision making: the worry about getting it wrong and wasting our money and the domination of this one event in our lives. It became apparent very quickly that the people we were dealing with played a large part in increasing or decreasing our experience of that stress.

Having invested in the kitchen we'd long hoped for, we came up against the difficulty of buying a granite that would both complement it and last beyond the colour of the kitchen now. We were recommended a number of granite suppliers all of whom were a significant car journey away. Each time we went to them we were disappointed not to find what we were looking for. We had to deal with the fact that the granite seen on the website might look entirely different when you got to see it and that as a natural material there is no guaranteeing what the next batch might look like. We didn't particularly feel our dilemma mattered.

In frustration I goggled granite suppliers in Ireland and made a list. I telephoned around and nobody answered the phone in most cases which meant I could not talk my situation through. I got through to Feelystone and spoke to Jim Mc Grath. I explained what I was looking for and what I didn't want. He listened to me carefully and told me he had two possibilities. When I asked him to email pictures he rightly explained that while he would do so, the picture would alter the colour and not be fully representational. He suggested I come and see the stone in person and when I told him that I didn't want my time wasted he told me confidently that from what I had told him the stone he had suggested would fit the criteria. He offered to show it to me on a Sunday when they are normally closed. I made the trip and when I saw the stone I was happy but not fully decided. Jim applied no pressure and gave me a sample to take away and an undertaking to hold slabs so I could view the granite in my home. We were delighted with this. The stone turned out to be perfect. We made a further visit to choose the slabs we preferred. We found Jim to be patient and confident with us that it would turn out well when we could not fully visualize the end result. We found the price to be reasonable given the inherent cost of granite.

I made one final visit taking the train to Boyle. Feelystone is just beside the station. Once again, Jim was on hand to collect me and make me a cuppa. He was very patient while I dithered over which piece would go where in the kitchen and offered advice when I asked but didn't get frustrated when I changed my mind back and forth.

The measuring of the kitchen was carried out using laser the following week; in our house making it accurate and no one's responsibility except Feelystone. This inspired confidence. The fitting took place within a week of measuring in response to our time constraints.

The whole experience with Feelystone was positive from beginning to end. We are thrilled with the finished product. Our experience was that of the customer at the center; being listened to and not pressurized but feeling confident that THEY were confident in their product. Would Feelystone pass the ultimate test of being recommended to a friend? ABSOLUTELY! "

Aideen Lewis Dublin.