Friday, June 19, 2015

Rockingham Water Treatment Plant

The Plant
Construction of the new plant for the Boyle Ardcarne Regional Water Supply started April 2014 Plant Completion: January 2015
Commencement of operations: February 2015 - 6 months ahead of programme
Plant Capacity: 5 million litres per day
Plant Production Rate: 250,000 litres per hour
Planned hours of operation: 20 hours per day

The state-of-the-art treatment plant ensures a safe and secure drinking water supply to the town of Boyle and surrounding areas in line with the most up to date regulations and modern technologies for process treatment systems 

Water Sources
• Rockingham Spring Source has a highly sensitive catchment and is susceptible to contamination
• Hughestown Wellfield site has a number of groundwater located boreholes approximately 3km from the Plant.
Water from both sources is pumped to an onsite blending tank and monitored continuously for any pollutant and contaminants. From here raw water is pumped into the water treatment plant for chemical conditioning, clarification, filtration and disinfection

From the treatment plant water is pumped to two reservoirs
Ardcarne Reservoir Storage capacity:  319,645 gallons
Carrickmore Reservoir Storage Capacity: 1,32000,000 gallons

Additional information
The water treatment plant is fully automated and incorporates a 24/7 text message alarm system and remote SCADA to highlight any irregularities.
There is an onsite standby generator and in the event of a power failure all pumps, valves and controls return to a fail-safe position and normal operation is resumed upon automated restart of generator power.