Friday, January 1, 2016

Update 1st January

Tony Conboy "An Oblique View"

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Finger on the button as always, this week Tony sends viewers best 2015 wishes and a list of topics he titled "The National Issues Facing into a New Year; As I see them."

Boyle GAA Club Updates

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Best 2016 wishes from Troy Takeaway

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Our friends at Troy Deli Ltd (Delivery & Takeaway) on Shop Street say "Thank you good people of Boyle for your custom through the years. We wish the best for you and yours, and a healthy, peaceful New Year 2016 ... Ivan, Alina, Julia, Fanel and Aura"

Happy New Year to you...

Happy New Year 2016

While wishing the best for you and yours during 2016, I think of friends who passed away during the year and pray they are resting in Heavenly Peace. A number of familiar and much loved personalities died during the year ...

January Memories

"What's Another Year" : There are 33,875 images on the realboyle Flickr website since 2007. Most are photos, a small number are submitted/edited photos and the rest are graphic images I have created. As promised, I will select images each month for you and provide links for your perusal.
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Bad weather to continue

Irish Independent report: Bad weather is set to continue Met Eireann has warned - with heavy rainfall over the next three weeks set to add to the flooding and heartache affecting thousands of homeowners across the country. Flood defences and emergency personnel will be pushed to breaking point as the country braces itself for another onslaught. "There is no real sign of an end to this wet, unsettled and windy weather," said Gerald Fleming of Met Éireann.

Boyle Town Team

Boyle Town Team is now up and running with a number of positive initiatives planned for 2015 and into 2016. The Team receives funding from Roscommon County Council to carry out some small scale projects in the area. These short-term initiatives, some which took place before Christmas and have been drawn up by the Boyle Team, include the following:
• Power washing monuments and features in town ... done
• Placing window art in derelict buildings ... to be completed
• Assisting Town Traders in Christmas promotions ... done
• Funding new features for Boyle Christmas Lights ... done
• Publishing a Town Event calendar for 2016
• Funding plants and bulbs for Tidy Towns 2016
• Funding phase 1 of a CCTV system for Boyle
• Promoting “Fall in Love with Boyle” weekend in 2016.
• Developing Greenway from Lough Key to Boyle

Boyle is open for business

Despite flooding in the area, Boyle is very much open for business. For traders, the Winter Sales and Special Discount Stores are bringing much appreciated and welcome business to town. A prominent Boyle business person said "Sidestep the prophets of doom and gloom, our doors were open for a successful end to 2015 and we look forward to a great 2016"
• Apparently a Boyle bar and a Boyle restaurant will shortly be under new management, and we will welcome 'new blood'. Additionally, and as reported previously, two new businesses will open soon in town.

Boyle Country Meats

Special Offers

Cyril and Joe say "Thank you for your support and custom during the past year. As a token of our appreciation we have Special Offers for you"
• Boyle Country Meats on Main Street, Boyle

The realboyle Blog

I frequently get requests for information on past realboyle articles. Many previously published articles are still available for you on the realboyle blog. To find and article of interest please use the Search Button at the top of the page [here...]

Doing the Right Thing is still the Wrong Thing in politics

Frank Feighan TD

Irish Independent: "Frank Feighan TD is the unsung hero of the 31st Dáil. He was given the ultimate hospital pass by his party. Fine Gael, in the heat of an election campaign committed to protecting services at Roscommon Hospital. Within months, it was forced to do an about-turn."
• "Feighan could have opposed the downgrading, lost the whip for a time and would probably have been guaranteed to hold his seat. But he didn't. In an interview, he said he is convinced the decision has saved the lives of "dozens and dozens of people"."