Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Boyle Musical Society- Christmas Carols 2014 : Boyle Abbey - New office block : Roscommon Youth Orchestra in SuperValu, 20th December : GAA appeal for donors : P.McGrath Butchers, St. Patrick Street : Carols at the Farmers Market

Boyle Musical Society- Christmas Carols 2014


Once again Boyle Musical Society reaffirmed my view that its members provide us with performances that are a credit to any group in any community, anywhere! Before, during and after 7.30pm mass in St. Joseph's Church on Saturday night they delighted a large congregation with a programme of popular and lesser know Christmas Carols. BMS, through its years with Frank O'Mahoney and current musical, choreography and performance directors continues to mould together a highly talented group of performers that make us proud to have them with us. Musical Director Anne Kielty's piano accompaniment and the massed BMS choir gave superb backing to stunning solo slots from Adrian King, Darragh Beirne, Sean Maguire, Bernie Casserly, Catherine Bolger, Bertie Langton, Donie O'Connor, Brendan Reid, Josephine Carroll and Rhona Feely.

Boyle Abbey - New office block


Assuming that the appearance of the new structure will remain as it is now ...
• Paddy Conlon here, a daily visitor and a big fan of your Real Boyle over 30 years. I cannot understand who was allowed to park a modern Mobile office in front of an 11th century historic building in Boyle, one of the most beautiful in the country.
• Have any of the local people who have a greater understanding of the great heritage of our buildings been consulted. How could such a carbuncle on the face of Boyle Abbey be considered never mind built.
• What planning laws allowed this to take place. It is disgraceful.
• Boyle is my home town even though I left there in 1964 but I still keep in touch daily through Real Boyle.
• Best regards to all in Boyle for Christmas ... Paddy Conlon.

Padraig Beisty wrote: Hi Sean, another brain child from the people who dreamed up the Moylurg monstrosity no doubt!

Roscommon Youth Orchestra in SuperValu, 20th December


GAA appeal for donors

Please help find a bone marrow match for Paul Giblin, a young man from Galway who has been battling Hodgkins Lymphoma since April 2012. Paul and his family & friends have recently appealed to the Irish public to help save his life (& others in the same situation) by increasing the number of donors on the Global registry. Despite the remarkable turnout so far, Paul has yet to find a suitable bone marrow match and must do so by January to help his chances of overcoming Hodgkins Lymphoma. The process of getting screened and entered onto the Bone Marrow Registry is very straightforward and just involves a small blood sample for testing.

P.McGrath Butchers, St. Patrick Street

This Week's Specials

Carols at the Farmers Market

Monica King wrote: Hi, we are carol singing this morning at the farmers market 11-1pm all proceeds towards the Brothers of Charity Outreach Services, please come along and join us even for a few minutes, its very informal and we would appreciate the support. Thanks.