Monday, March 23, 2015

Tourism Information Night

This coming Friday, March 27th at 9pm Emmett Corcoran & Daniel Curley in association with a number of local tourism providers and businesses will host an information night in Gleeson's Townhouse, Roscommon Town. The meeting is being held in order to develop an enterprise/social-enterprise lead strategy to promote County Roscommon and the surrounding areas both at home and abroad.

Our beautiful county has much to offer in regard to tourist attractions, as we all know. Yet, despite significant successes in recent years with regards to promoting tourism in the county, it seems we still largely remain a place people journey through as opposed to the destination. Many attractions in the county enjoy great success with increasing visitor numbers every year, but more can be done.

It is widely believed that if we as a county can achieve some level of joint-up thinking and develop a cohesive strategy to promote our county as a tourist destination we too can enjoy the success that has been seen in other parts of the west of Ireland. In order to that though, we must develop a practical plan and make sure it is put into action.

Representatives from the the Community tourism Network, County Council and Leader have been invited to the meeting and we hope they will be able to attend. There is also an open invitation being issued to all elected representatives in the area who are also welcome to attend.

A full agenda will be circulated on the night and there will be an opportunity for those in attendance to voice their ideas and for discussion on topics raised. Outside of the box thinking is what is required if we are to achieve the success we all seek. It is hoped that a free-flow of idea's and opinions on the night will enable us to start the ball moving on putting solid proposals in place to increase the tourism trade in the county, which will be beneficial for everyone.

We hope you can attend on the evening and that it will be the first step toward promoting Roscommon as the real hidden heart of Ireland.