Saturday, November 29, 2014

A thought for Christmas / Tax relief for care of the elderly / Quotable Quote / Boyle videos / Trending today on YouTube Ireland

A thought for Christmas

Shop in Boyle

Mostly everything you will need is available from traders in the Boyle area ... except a very wide range of toys, musical instruments, computer games. If I am wrong, please let me know by emailing

Tax relief for care of the elderly

Finance Minister Michael Noonan introduced an amendment to the Finance Act this week, to help families care for elderly relatives at home by employing a nurse or carer. The amendment will raise the level of tax relief available to employ a professional nurse or carer in the home from 50,000 euro to 75,000 euro a year.
Elderly people often need extra support and care in order to stay in their own homes, and this new tax relief will make a big difference to families in terms of affording these costs.

Quotable Quote

Bertie Ahern: ‘Gerry Adams saying he was not in the IRA is like me saying I was not in Fianna Fail'.

Boyle videos

There are numerous Boyle videos online. I will build a portal to the best of them here on and present them on a standalone page shortly. Today's is a nice overview of visitor attractions available locally, compiled by Úna Bhán Tourism.

Trending today on YouTube Ireland