Saturday, November 29, 2014

"No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish" / "Through Christy's Lens" book launch / Abbey Haven Sale Of Work / Boyle Country Meats / Bank of America closure in Carrick / 'Strong gay scene' in Irish Catholic church

"No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish"

How sad this must have been !!

In 1960's England, and in London in particular, many landlords and owners of bed & breakfasts and boarding houses put signs in their windows stating "No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish".
• I wonder could we here in Ireland be just as racist, but towards the community we refer to as "Travellers".
• Is it time for us to challenge prejudices and open dialogue so that we will never think "No Travellers"?

"Through Christy's Lens" book launch

PB280040The Regan Family Evelyn, Enda & Joe with mum Mary

The Grand Salon, King House was full for the launch of "Through Christy's Lens" on Friday 28th December. The book will be great reference for times and persons down through the years. Christy was undoubtedly a man ahead his time. Through the book's 200+ pages, hundreds of Christy's photos are shown and stories published in memory of Christy ... all will be treasured memories.
• I was delighted to design the book cover and back page, as well as a launch poster.
• In the book's introduction Christy's wife Mary wrote: "I would like to dedicate this book to the memory of my beloved Christy, whose constant love, support, laughter and guidance enabled me to pick myself up, dust myself down and face the world with confidence"
• Proceeds from book sales will be donated Sligo Hospital's Oncology Unit.

Abbey Haven Sale Of Work

Abbey Haven Sale of Work 2014

Abbey Haven Care Centre & Nursing Home, Annual Sale of Work this Saturday 29th November starting at 11am

Boyle Country Meats

Boyle Country Meats

Christmas in Boyle - new photos and businesses daily
Abbey Haven Care & Nursing Home - Christmas Gifts 2014
Ardcarne PlantsPlus Garden Centre - Christmas Shop
Sloan's Hardware on Main Street
Surprises and Better Buy on Bridge Street
Taylors Interiors on Bridge Street
Shop Windows, exteriors and more

Bank of America closure in Carrick

From today the remeining 160 Bank of America employees in Carrick-on-Shannon will no longer be employed. Several Boyle people were employed by the bank and all will be made redundant. The company has relocated to Chester in England. 200 people will still be employed in the building by Avant Card which once had 1200 people working there at its peak in 2008.

'Strong gay scene' in Irish Catholic church

Ground-breaking new research into the sexual lives of Irish Catholic priests has revealed many of them are or have been sexually active, that the bishops are aware of the situation, and that there is a gay scene within the church.